Shoko Nakagawa – Japanese idol and multi-talented celebrity

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Shōko Nakagawa (中川翔子, Nakagawa Shōko, born May 5, 1985, in Tokyo) is a female Japanese idol and multi-talented celebrity (an actress, seiyū (voice actor), illustrator, singer and blogger). She is the daughter of Katsuhiko Nakagawa, a famous celebrity in Japan in the 1980s. Her bloodf type is A.She is represented bythe Watanabe Entertainment talent agency. Her nickname is Shokotan. (In the blog by Mika Kaneda, who appeared with her on “Ōsama no Brunch”, she is called Shokotasu). She is left-handed. She has listed Bruce Lee, the idol Seiko Matsuda, the anime characters Vegeta and Trunks of Dragon Ball Z/GT, and Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII as people she respects. She is famous for liking manga and anime, and also enjoys watching professional boxing. As she is active in a variety of areas, including acting, manga, singing and blogging, she is known as a multi-talented entertainer or “multi-tarento”, as opposed to simply an “idol” or “tarento”.
She is highly knowledgeable about otaku culture, a rare trait for an idol. She says that this is because of the influence of her father, Katsuhiko Nakagawa. He did things like giving her full sets of comics such as Ge Ge Ge no Kitarō or Akanbō Shōjo, saying “You can’t become an adult unless you read these.” Perhaps because of this education, she knows more about relatively older anime, 80’s idol songs and.. Read More

Shoko Nazagawa Picture Gallery

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