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Name: Yamasaki Mami (山崎真実)
Nickname: Mamiyan (まみヤン), Mamirin (まみりん)
Birthdate: September 20th, 1985
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 169cm
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 59cm
Hips: 87cm
Shoe Size: 24cm

Mami began modeling in 2002 for a woman’s fashion magazine. Two years later she was awarded the Readers Special Prize for Miss Magazine 2004. The same year she was chosen as a campaign girl for Circle K Sunkus with fellow Miss Magazine 2004 winner Kosaka Yuka, a good friend of hers (they also share the same birth year). The two were seen in many of the company’s commercials, and this helped to boost their popularity with audiences in Japan.
Mami became a member of Miss Magazine’s futsal team in 2005. However, she did not participate in the game; to curb the gossip Mami confessed she had only played futsal once before on the Livedoor World Cup site.
Later that year Mami was added to the cast of 100go de Start! Eikaiwa, replacing Anzu Sayuri. By now she was busy releasing photobooks and DVDs. In 2006 she was cast as villain Kazeno Shizuka in Gougou Sentai Boukenger. During her audition she spoke honestly, admitting she knew little about the series but still wanted to be a part of it. Cover Girl 山崎真実 (20070614)

Yamasaki Mami 山崎真実-[] Venus Party 優しい時間 1Yamasaki Mami 山崎真実-[] Venus Party 優しい時間 1

Venus Party 優しい時間 2

Venus Party 優しい時間 3

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